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Brent Rooney Research & Activism


                                                                      1 August 2018

Chapter 5: Brent Rooney's Research & Activist Record


A. Highlights


1 Every pregnant women in Texas who visits an abortion

   clinic is mandated by law to be offered the WRTK (Women's

   Right To Know) booklet that warns about adverse risks of

   abortions. One of warnings is that prior abortions raise the

   risk that a future pregnancy will end prematurely. That

   abortion-preemie warning would not exist without the May

   2003 Brent Rooney/Dr. Byron Calhoun study; URL:

   http://www.jpands.org/vol8no2/rooney.pdf . Dr. Martha Garza,

   in 2003 using the Rooney/Calhoun study as a 'road map'

   turned around a special Texas medical panel to accept the

   APB (Ab.-Preterm-Birth) risk as one to be included in the

  Texas WRTK booklet. According to Jana Huband (Justice

   Institute) that special medical panel was NOT inclined to

   recognize the APB risk before Dr. Garza made her Fall 2003

   presentation. Here is the Texas WRTK 'preemie' warning:

         “......Some large studies have reported a doubling of the risk

      of premature birth in later pregnancy if a woman has had

      two induced abortions. The same studies report an 800

      percent increase in the risk of extremely early premature

      births (less than 28 weeks) for a woman who has

      experienced four or more induced abortions. Very

      premature babies, who have the highest risk of death, also

      have the highest risk for lasting disabilities, such as mental

      retardation, cerebral palsy, lung and gastrointestinal

      problems, and vision and hearing loss.” [page 17]


      That WRTK warning was in effect from 1 January 2004

   until December 2016.


2 The December 2008 Brent Rooney/Dr. Byron Calhoun/Lisa

   Roche (J.D.) study demonstrated that a major reason Black-

   Americans have a very high premature birth rate is that Black-

   American women have over 4 times the IA (Induced Abortion)

   rate as non-Black women; URL:

   http://www.jpands.org/vol13no4/rooney.pdf . This 2008 study

   also revealed that 'suction' (ie. vacuum aspiration) abortions

   violate principle 3 of the 1947 Nuremberg Code, since there

   there are no published [nonhuman] animal studies of 'suction'

   abortion. The 1947 N.C. insists that before a new  medical

   treatment is applied to humans it must first be tested on animals.


3 The best comprehensive review of adverse abortion side-effects

   is the 2013 book COMPLICATIONS with lead author Dr.

   Angela Lanfranchi. Brent Rooney was the main consultant for

   Chapter 15 (Premature and preterm birth after abortion).


4 Between 2008 & 2012 National Post editorial writer Barbara

   Kay on at least 5 occasions warned readers of the N.P. about

   the abortion-preemie risk. The bulk of Kay's material on this

   subject came from Brent Rooney. National Post is a major

   Canadian newspaper. More than once Kay mentioned CP

   as a side-effect risk of premature birth in these editorials.


5 In 2013 Barbara Kay finally addressed the ABC (Abortion-

   Breast-Cancer) issue in the National Post on 11 December

   2013, confirming that prior induced abortions raise a woman's

   breast cancer risk. [ URL: http://news.nationalpost.com/full-comment/barbara-kay-hard-truths-about-abortion ]

   Before 2013 Kay had doubts about the validity of the ABC

   risk. Material (including a hard copy of the 1989 Holly Howe

   ABC study 'snail mailed') sent by Brent Rooney to Kay helped

   to convince her of the validity of the ABC risk; Barbara Kay

   has cited the 1989 Holly Howe study to support the ABC risk.

   The Holly Howe study used a New York abortion registry

   to ascertain abortion history, not interviews of women. Thus,

   critics can not claim that the women's memories of abortion

   history were faulty, since the women were not relied upon

   to supply this information.


6 Brent Rooney was the first to alert the medical community in

   an explicit (not in an implicit) manner that prior IAs were a

   credible risk factor for future deliveries of preterm babies

   with CP (Cerebral Palsy). This was accomplished via a 'letter

   to the editor' in the European Journal of Obstetrics &

   Gynecology and Reproductive Biology in the 2nd quarter of

   2001. That letter remains unchallenged.


7 March 1994: the first publication in North America with a

   circulation exceeding 50,000, ALIVE magazine (CANADA),

   addressed a question about the ABC risk. Brent Rooney posed

   an ABC question to ALIVE's medical adviser who confirmed

   that IAs boost breast cancer risk (other breast cancer risks such

   as oral contraceptives and diet were also mentioned).


8 The October 2007 study by Dr. Byron Calhoun, Dr. Elizabeth

   Shadigian, and Brent Rooney in the Journal of Reproductive

   Medicine was the first to ever estimate the number of U.S.

   newborn babies born yearly with CP due to their mothers'

   prior IAs. Brent Rooney designed the method to compute that

   number, 1096 CP cases of U.S. babies under 1,500 grams

   at birth in 2002. This October 2007 study has never been

   challenged via a 'letter to the editor' in over 8 years.

   Calhoun BC, Shadigian E, Rooney B. Cost consequences of

   induced abortion as an attributable risk for preterm birth and

   informed consent. Journal Reproductive Medicine 2007;

   52:929-939. [Abstract: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed?term=calhoun%20shadigian%20rooney]


B. Other Credits


9 A major 'player' in exposing the ABC (Abortion-Breast-Cancer)

  risk Brent Rooney is NOT. That role belongs to Joel Brind (PhD),

   Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, and the late Karen Malec. B.R. alerted

   those 3 major players to many ABC studies from the Indian sub-

   continent with the average increase in relative breast cancer risk

   exceeding 300%. For honest researchers this evidence for

   the ABC risk should convince them that the 'ABC' risk is REAL.


10 The best video validating the abortion-preemie risk was

     produced by B. Keith Neely. I vetted its contents to assure

     accuracy of information. URL: [11 minute version

http://www.aaplog.org/media/ ; shorter 4 minute

    version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IoWZEJNMdA ]

    [Neely; <kn@investlife.ca>]


11 Secured the translation into English of a Hungarian gov't

     admission in Dec. 1973 that Hungary's 'preemie' epidemic

     of the 1960s and early 1970s was due to induced abortions.

     It can be an exhibit in future medical malpractice law

     suits to show that the abortion-preemie risk is not some new

     risk that doctors can not be expected to know about. If after

     the 1970s abortion procedures had been made safe, this

     translation would be worth approximately zero. IA

     procedures have never been made safe from increased

     'preemie' risk in later pregnancies.


12 The July-August 1995 issue of ALIVE magazine carried the

     Brent Rooney article 'No Breast Cancer for My Daughter”

     that provided readers with 13 steps to reduce breast cancer

     risk. One of the 13 steps advised to avoid induced abortions.

     Surprisingly, no angry letters to ALIVE were triggered by

     this article.


13 May 1997 ALIVE magazine article by Brent Rooney showing

     that a term pregnancy at a young maternal age slashes lifetime

     breast cancer risk.










- - -                                                           5 August 2011


??? 'Suction' Abortion caused over 400,000 Defect Babies?

Brent Rooney ( MSc, email: fullterm40@gmail.com )


Anyone claiming that there is common surgery that has

caused many more birth defected babies than did the

drug Thalidomide would be thought by most to be ready

for a 'straight jacket' and a 'padded cell'.


The great and tragic Thalidomide scandal rocked Britain &

Europe in the 1960s. Professor Trent Stephens estimated that

8,000–12,000 newborn babies in Europe & Britain in the late

1950s and early 1960s were badly crippled and deformed.[1]

In October 1957 the sedative Thalidomide, apparently shown

to be safe via animal testing (rats, mice, cats, dogs, rabbits, &

guinea pigs), was approved for sale. There was no shortage of

doctors who prescribed Thalidomide for pregnant women

suffering 'morning sickness' (i.e. nausea). FDA official Dr.

Frances Kelsey, Canadian born, refused to approve 'T'

[Thalidomide] for sale in the U.S., but Canada approved 'T'!

Not until 1961 was 'T' strongly linked to the tragedy. U.S.

President John F. Kennedy publicly awarded Dr. Frances

Kelsey the President's Distinguished Federal Civilian Service

award in a 15 July 1962 ceremony.


Many believed that the scale of the Thalidomide tragedy would

never be equaled or exceeded in their lifetimes. If anyone claims

to have uncovered subsequent medical mayhem of that magnitude,

such a medical 'Sherlock Holmes' would only be covered in the

National Inquirer' or other scandal mongering publications.


Consider the facts. In a 2007 peer-reviewed article Dr. Byron

Calhoun, Dr. Elizabeth Shadigian, and Brent Rooney estimated

that 1,096 newborn U.S. babies under 1,500 grams (3 lbs. 5 oz.)

in the year 2002 had CP (Cerebral Palsy) as a result of their mothers'

prior IAs (Induced Abortions).[2] This October 2007 study has

never in over 45 months been challenged via a 'letter to the editor'.

Premature birth is a known CP risk factor; in 2009 it became

SETTLED SCIENCE, via two (2) systematic reviews, that prior

induced abortions elevate premature birth risk.[3,4] But 1,096

newborns with CP falls far short of the Thalidomide total of ~~ten

thousand. 1,096 newborn U.S. babies (under 1,500 grams) with

CP due to prior abortions in 2002: is a total for:

i only one country (USA) ii only one year (2002)

iii only one malady (CP) iv newborns under 1,500 grams

Premature newborns have higher risk of 'MACE' (Mental

retardation, Autism, Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy) disorders than full

term (at least 37.0 weeks' gestation) babies. If one includes all

these maladies and includes all BIRTHWEIGHTS, Brent Rooney

(MSc) estimates a total of at least 4,000 MACE defected babies

yearly in just one country (U.S.) due to prior induced abortions

for just one year in the 21st century. So, the grand total of U.S.

'MACE” defected babies caused by prior induced abortions since

the first legal IA in the U.S. in 1967 easily tops 100,000; that is

roughly TEN (10) times the Thalidomide total. The percent of

total worldwide IAs performed in the U.S. likely lies in the range

of 5%-10%. In 2009 Chinese government controlled news sources

estimated yearly induced abortions exceeded 13 million; URL:


The U.S. & China are hardly the only countries in which legal

induced abortions are performed. (The current U.S. yearly induced

abortion total, according to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, is about

1.2 million (under 10% of the Chinese total)).


Bottom Line


Over the past 44 years prior legal induced abortions have

crippled over forty times as many newborn babies as were crippled

by Thalidomide AND 'surgical thalidomide' causes more crippled

newborn babies per year than did the drug Thalidomide (over

16,000/year for prior abortions versus roughly 2,500/year for 'T').


Call this massive abortion baby crippling 'Surgical Thalidomide'

[SGT]. Any medical doctor who has performed thousands of

induced abortions has, in all probability, caused at least one or

more pregnancies following a prior IA to result in a MACE

defected newborn.


Legal action possible?


There were class action lawsuits against Grunenthal (which

produced Thalidomide) and over the years 'T' victims appear

to have received a total compensation in the hundreds of millions

of dollars; URL:


It reasonable to believe that successful class action law suits for

birth defected babies caused by prior surgical abortion in the U.S.

would require court awarded damages in the $billions$, if not many

tens of $billions$. The number of U.S. birth defected victims is

at least 10 times greater than the Thalidomide total and adjusting

for inflation adds another dollar factor of at least 3 or 4.


Brent Rooney (MSc)

Research Director, Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition

3456 Dunbar St. (Suite 146)

Vancouver, Canada V6S 2C2

email: fullterm40@gmail.com



1 [Book] Stephens T, Brynner R. Dark Remedy The Impact of

Thalidomide and Its Revival as A Vital Medicine. Perseus

Publishing 2001 ISBN: 0738204048

2 Calhoun BC, et al. Cost consequences of induced abortion as

an attributable risk for preterm birth and informed consent.

Journal Reproductive Medicine 2007;52:929-939.

URL: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17977168?dopt=Abstract

3 Swingle HM, Colaizy TT, et al. Abortion and the risk of

subsequent preterm birth: a systematic review and meta-analysis.

Journal Reproductive Medicine 2009;54:95-108.

4 Shah PS, Zao J. Induced termination of pregnancy and low

birthweight and preterm birth: a systematic review and meta-

analysis. BJOG 2009;116:1425-1442. [URL: http://www.bjog.org/details/journalArticle/345727/Induced_termination_of_pregnancy_

and_low_birthweight_and_preterm_birth_a_systema.html ]

5 Himpens E, Van Den Broeck C, Oostra A, Claders P,

Vanhaesebrouck P. Prevalence, type, and distribution and severity

of cerebral palsy in relation to gestational age: a

meta-analytic review. Dev Med Child Neurol 2008;50:334-340.


“F.B.” wins Abortion-Breast-Cancer law suit in January 2005    30 June 2009

Miss F.B. in a law suit against the “All Women's Health Services” (AWHS) made many claims including being put at increased risk of breast cancer without informed consent. The trial did NOT commence since defendant AWHS 'threw in the towel' when it made an 'offer
of judgment'. On 24 January 2005 judge Dale R. Koch declared Miss F.B.'s victory via his
STIPULATED GENERAL JUDGMENT” (SGJ). A key sentence in that judgment is:
IT IS HEREBY ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that plaintiff [i.e. Miss F.B.] have
judgment against Defendant All Women's Health Services on her Complaint, and that Defendant pay the agreed upon, undisclosed amount.” Judge Koch presided in a Portland, Oregon court so those who doubt that this legal victory ever happened can contact the CIRCUIT COURT OF THE STATE OF OREGON for a copy of the decision for Case no. 030707422 (handed down on 24 January 2005); they can also contact the winning plaintiff lawyer Jonathan Clark Esq. ( <Jonathan@jaclawoffice.com> ) . Brent Rooney also has a copy of that SGJ & will send a copy to those requesting it (fullterm40@gmail.com). An electronic copy of the 2005 STIPULATED GENERAL JUDGMENT is below.

Why did AWHS 'throw in the towel' and yield legal victory to Miss “F.B.”? For her
cancer claim Miss “F.B.” had strong scientific support on her side. When “F.B.” visited
AWHS she informed AWHS that she had a family history of breast cancer. AWHS did not
inform “F.B.” that a family history of breast cancer would inflict a very high breast cancer
risk, if she, a female under 18, had an IA (induced abortion). If “F.B.'s” claim had gone to
court, one of her expert witnesses would have been Joel Brind (PhD), the world's top ABC (Abortion Breast Cancer) expert. Undoubtedly, Joel Brind would have informed a Portland, Oregon court (judge and jury) about the 1994 Dr. Janet Daling et al. study, published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.[Daling, 1] Dr. Daling's 1994 study was a CASE-CONTROL study (i.e. women with breast cancer ('cases') & women with no cancer history
(controls). Main finding of this study: women with prior induced abortions had 50% higher relative odds of breast cancer under the age of 45 than women without any IAs. Daling
et al. also found that women with a family history of breast cancer & an IA under age 18
had a VERY high breast cancer risk. In this particular study the breast cancer risk for such women was 100%. In Daling's study there were 12 women with a family history of B.C. &
an induced abortion under age 18. ALL twelve (12) of these women were among the cases (i.e. women with breast cancer); this result achieved statistical significance ( Dr. Daling & colleagues were at least 95% confident of raised breast cancer risk).[Daling, 1] If you have a family history of breast cancer & had an induced abortion after 1994 when you were under age 18, then the abortionist should have asked you if you had such a family breast cancer history.

1 Daling J, Malone KE, Voight LF, White E, Weiss NS. Risk of Breast Cancer Among
Young Women: Relationship to Induced Abortion. J Nat Cancer Inst 1994;86:1584-1592

The following is an electronic copy (not a “jpg”) of that SGJ document for Case No.
030707422 decided on 24 January 2005:



5                                        FOR MULTNOMAH COUNTY 

6 F.B.,                                                               Case No. 030707422 

7                                                    Plaintiff,   ) 
8                                                                     ) STIPULATED GENERAL JUDGMENT 

     an Oregon nonprofit corporation; DR.  ) 


                                                Defendants. ) 
13 This case was set for trial on December 13, 2004, before a Multnomah County Circuit
14 Court judge and jury. Plaintiff F.B. was represented in this litigation by and through  
15 Clark of O'Donnell and Clark LLP. Defendant All Women's Health Services was 
      represented in
16 this litigation by David Foster of Bullivant Houser Bailey PC. 
17 On November 19, 2004, Defendant All Women's Health Services made an Offer of 

18 Judgment which was entered in the Court's record on November 23, 2004. 


19 This matter now coming on for judgment on said Offer of Judgment, 


20  IT IS HEREBY ORDERED AND ADJUDGED that plaintiff have judgment against

21 Defendant All Women's Health Services on her Complaint, and that Defendant pay the 






22 upon, undisclosed amount. 


23                                               MONEY AWARD


24     1 Judgment Creditor                               Plaintiff F.B.

                                                                            c/o Jonathan Clark, Esq. 

25             Address:                                           O'DONNELL & CLARK LLP 

                                                                            1706 NW Glisan, Ste. 106 

26                                                                        Portland, OR 97209 




1       2 Attorney for Judgment Creditor:         Jonathan Clark, Esq. 

2                                                                          O'DONNELL & CLARK LLP. 

                                                                            1706 NW Glisan, Ste. 106 

3                                                                          Portland, OR 97209 

                                                                           (503) 206-0224 

3  Judgment Debtors:                                     All Women's Health Services 


6  4 Attorney for Judgment Debtors:             David Foster, Esq. 

                                                                          Bullivant Houser Bailey PC 

7                                                                        300 Pioneer Tower

                                                                          888 SW Fifth Ave. 

8                                                                        Portland, OR 97204-2089 

 5 Other persons or public bodies entitled 

9  to any portion of a payment made on      Unknown 

     this judgment.


     6 Principal amount of Judgment:             Confidential




12  7 Prejudgment interest on principal        None

               amount judgment:


13  8 Postjudgment interest on principal      9% per annum from date of entry of judgment 

          amount of judgment:                             until paid.

14 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

  9 Attorney fees awared                               None.

15 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

10 Costs awarded                                         None.


16 11 Prejudgment interest on attorney fees    None.

      and costs

17 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

      12 Postjudgment interest on costs         None.

18 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------




20      Dated this ______ day of JAN 24 2005 .      2005




22                                                                       /S/ DALE R. KOCH [initials] DRK. 

                                                        Circuit Court Judge 



        Submitted by:


24   Jonathan Clark, OSB #02274 


25   1706 NW Glisan, Suite 6

        Portland, OR 97209

26   (503) 306-0224

        Of Attorneys for Plaintiff F.B. 




[end of this document of Case No. 030707422]