Justice For Kids

Rep. Henry Waxman to disprove abortion-preemie risk?

Chapter 13                       Justice For Kids Now               14 July 2010
 Open Letter to Hon. Rep. Henry Waxman       (9 July 2010):

Hon. Representative Henry Waxman       (9 July 2010)

8423 W. Third St. (Suite 600)

Los Angeles, California 90048

Copies to: William McGurn (Wall Street Journal),

Senator Dr. John Barrasso,

Senator Dr. Tom Coburn


Open Letter Hon. Rep. Henry Waxman (D, California),

Being very concerned about the health of

Hispanic-American women, you would never

want even one Hispanic-American woman to

be subjected to an elective (i.e. unnecessary)

surgery that raises her future risk of a preterm

and handicapped newborn baby. Earlier in 2010

we asked you to provide a citation of a


that prior IAs ( Induced Abortions ) boost a

woman's risk of a future premature delivery.

Unless you can provide such a citation before

mid August, an 'IN PRESS' letter will reveal that

you, Hon. Rep. Henry Waxman, have not provided

the required citation. A copy of that coming letter

is in the P.S. of this letter. If you can provide the

required citation, email may be the quickest way to

do so (+ hard copy confirmation via snail mail;

email addresses:

Brent Rooney <[email protected]>

Brent Rooney <[email protected]>

Dr. Jane Orient <[email protected]>,

You will be doing young California women a wonderful

service by warning them about elective surgeries that

represent the plausible future risk of preterm and handicapped

newborn. You well know that premature babies have

elevated odds of 'MACE' ( Mental retardation, Autism,

Cerebral palsy, & Epilepsy) disorders, blindness, deafness,

serious infections, respiratory distress, etc.

Thank you, for considering this health threat to young

American women.


Brent Rooney (MSc)

 Research Director, Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition

3456 Dunbar St. (Suite 146) Vancouver, Canada V6S 2C2

web: http://www.jpands.org/vol13no4/rooney.pdf

P.S. 'In Press' letter to be published in September 2010

Abortion and Pre-term Delivery

In his 2008 article, [1] Brent Rooney asserts that the

high preterm birth rate suffered by African-American

women is, in large part, caused by the high abortion

rate of that race. Do other races or groups in the U.S.

or other countries also suffer the same effect?

Babette Francis,

Toorak, Victoria, Australia

Author Reply: The first-ever systematic reviews and

meta-analyses (SRMAs) of the abortion-preterm-birth

(APB) risk appeared in 2009, with both finding significantly

higher premature delivery (PTD) risk for women with prior

IAs (induced abortions).[2,3]

Prakesh Shah of the University of Toronto, [2] using data

from 37 prior APB studies, reported that more than one prior IA nearly

doubles PTD odds (OR 1.93; 95% CI, 1.28-2.71)). There are no

SRMAs reporting that prior IAs do not raise PTD risk. Some of the

countries included in the Shah meta-analysis are Australia, Scotland,

France, Italy, Germany, Denmark, Israel, Taiwan, Greece,, U.S.,

Finland, Sweden and Russia.

Swingle et al. [3] reported that women with prior IAs have

64% higher odds of very preterm delivery (<32.0 weeks' gestation)

than women with no prior IAs.

Extremely preterm newborns (<28 weeks' gestation) have

an autism risk of 25% [4] and a cerebral palsy (CP) risk of 14.6%.

[5] Between 1989 and 1993, Poland's IA rate per 1,000 births plunged

by 98%.[1] Between 1995 and 1997, Poland's rate of extremely

preterm newborns decreased by 21%.[1] Between 1989 and 2006,

Poland's mortality rate for children under age 5 years with CP

plummeted by 71%, according to data I received by email from

Poland's Central Statistical Office on June 12, 2008. This trend

suggests a dramatic drop in the incidence of severe brain injury,

a major cause of both autism and CP, [4] in Polish newborns.

The total lifetime cost of autism for a U.S. resident, including

medical and nonmedical expenses and lost income, is an

estimated $3.2 million, according to Harvard researcher Michael

Ganz. [6] The approximately 39,000 cases of autism presenting in

the U.S. each year represent a future drain of about $125 billion on

the U.S. economy. Prior IA is likely the cause of some of those cases

of autism.

No ethnic group has been shown to be exempt from the APB risk.

Ross et al. [7] showed a 31% higher odds of PTB in women with

previous IAs compared with women with no IAs. In this study,

performed at the University of California at Los Angeles, 84% of

the women were of 'Hispanic' ethnicity. We challenged the

congressional representative from this district, Henry Waxman, to find

any systematic review performed in this century that did not find

an APB risk. So far he has provided no citations.

Calhoun et al. [8] estimate that 31.5% of U.S. very preterm

deliveries in 2002 were attributable to prior IAs, and that 1,096 cases

of CP in newborns under 1,500 grams were attributable to prior IAs.

Harvard University professors Dr. Robert Fletcher and Dr.

Suzanne Fletcher identified the category of medical study that

provides the highest confidence that a purported risk factor is

an actual risk factor as a Systematic Review. [9]

Brent Rooney, M.Sc.

Vancouver, B.C., Canada

[email protected]


1. Rooney B. Calhoun BC, Roche L. Does induced abortion

account for racial disparity in preterm births, and violate the

Nuremberg Code? J Am Phys Surg 2008;13:102-104.

2. Shah PS, Zao J. Induced termination of pregnancy and low

birthweight and preterm birth: a systematic review and meta-

analysis. BJOG 2009;116:1425-1442. [URL: http://www.bjog.org/details/journalArticle/345727/Induced_termination_of_pregnancy_and_low_birthweight_and_preterm_birth_a_systema.html ]


3. Swingle HM, Colaizy TT, Zimmerman MB, Moriss FH.

Abortion and the risk of subsequent preterm birth: a systematic

review and meta-analysis. J Reprod Med 2009;54:95-108.

4 Limperopoulos C. Autism spectrum disorders in survivors

of extreme prematurity. Clin Perinatol 2009;36:791-805.

5. Himpens E, Van Den Broeck C, Oostra A, Claders P,

Vanhaesebrouck P. Prevalence, type, and distribution and severity

of cerebral palsy in relation to gestational age: a meta-

analytic review. Dev Med Child Neurol 2008;50:334-340.


6. Ganz ML. The lifetime distribution of the incremental societal

costs of autism. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med 2007;161:343-349.

7. Ross MG, Hobel CJ, Bragonier JR, et al. A simplified risk-scoring

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8 Calhoun BC, Shadigian E, Rooney B. Cost consequences of

induced abortion as an attributable risk for preterm birth and

informed consent. J Reprod Med 2007;52:929-939.

9 [Book:] Fletcher RH, Fletcher SW. Clinical Epidemiology

The Essentials [Fourth Edition]. Lippincott Williams &

Wilkens, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2005


[End of Open Letter to Hon. Rep. Henry Waxman (9 July 2010)]

- - 
             Open Letter to Rep. Hon. Henry Waxman (D, California)  4 January 2010
                      Brent Rooney (MSc, [email protected])

The following letter was 'snail mailed' to Rep. Hon. Henry Waxman to see if

he can identify (before 1 Feb. 2010) any 21st century SYSTEMATIC review of

all prior abortion-premature-birth studies to clearly show that prior induced

abortions do NOT raise future risk of premature birth.

Hon. Rep. Henry Waxman (D, California)           4 January 2010
2204 Rayburn HOB Washington DC, 20515

Open Letter to Hon. Rep. Henry Waxman (D, California),

As a Congressman much concerned with the health of minority women,
including Hispanic-American & Black-American women, you would not want
these women to be subject to elective surgical procedures with a plausible
higher risk of future premature & handicapped newborn babies. (I am a medical
researcher & lead author of a recent study that revealed that the most common
abortion procedure in the USA, “suction” (i.e. vacuum aspiration) abortion,
has not been safety validated via a published animal study; URL: http://www.jpands.org/vol13no4/rooney.pdf ). As one trained in the law, you are
appalled that all “suction” abortions violate the 3rd principle 1947 Nuremberg
Code, since no animal testing was ever done;
http://www.jpands.org/vol13no4/rooney.pdf .

If you, Hon. Rep. Henry Waxman, can identify any 21st century SYSTEMATIC
review of the APB ( Abortion-Preterm-Birth ) risk that did not find that prior
induced abortions significantly elevate premature birth risk, please cite that
SYSTEMATIC review on or before 1 February 2010. The only published
APB SYSTEMATIC reviews have found that prior induced abortions significantly
raise preterm delivery risk.[8,9,10] It is hardly news to you, Hon. Rep. Waxman,
or us that Hispanic-Americans enjoy a growth rate not exceeded by any other
group. As documented in the Appendix to this letter, the evidence is absolutely
overwhelming that women with prior induced abortions (IAs) boost their future
risk of delivering premature newborn babies; the high U.S. 'preemie' rate much
concerns the U.S. Congress. One might think it possible that Hispanic-American
women could be exempt from the APB ( Abortion-Preterm-Birth ) risk. Professor
Michael Ross (UCLA; <[email protected]>) was lead author of a 1986 study
in which 84% of the women subjects in Los Angeles were Hispanic-Americans
(see reference 4 below). One 'Michael Ross' finding was that women with prior
induced abortions had 31% higher relative odds of delivering a newborn baby
prematurely (under 37 weeks' gestation). Thus, U.S. legislation that funds elective
induced abortions will promote more preterm births for Hispanic-American
women. We are quite confident that you would never want taxpayer dollars to
fund an elective surgery that harms newborn Hispanic-American babies. (Copy
of the 1986 'Ross' study enclosed). SYTEMATIC APB reviews are the key.

Cc: Dr. Martha Garza (President, Hispanic Alliance for Life & Family)
Shirley S. Wang (Wall Street Journal), Ms. Magaly Llaguno (Human Life
International), Professor Dr. Michael Ross (UCLA), Senator Dr. Tom
Coburn (R, Oklahoma)

Brent Rooney (MSc)
Research Director, Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition
3456 Dunbar (Suite 146), Vancouver, Canada V6S 2C2
Email: [email protected]
Web: http://www.jpands.org/vol8no2/rooney.pdf



Appendix: Fewer Brain Damaged Hispanic-American Newborns Possible
(Brent Rooney (MSc; [email protected] ))

In under 20 minutes a young pregnant Latina woman can double her future
risk of a brain damaged newborn baby. Premature babies face higher risk of
CP (Cerebral Palsy), autism, epilepsy, mental retardation (all brain damage
injuries). Newborns under 28 weeks' gestation have 129 times the CP risk; those
born before 32 weeks face 55 times the CP risk as fullterm (i.e. at least 37 weeks)
babies.[Himpens, 1] A surgery never proven safe on animals, as evidenced by
published animal studies, is being performed on pregnant Hispanic women in the
United States.[Rooney, 2] This surgery boosts a woman's future risk of delivering
a premature baby.[Murphy, 3] Dr. Deirdre J. Murphy explains:

Induced abortion has been associated with very preterm delivery (<33 weeks) in

the French regional EPIPAGE study (OR 1.5, 95% CI 1.1-2.0)[27] and this was con-

firmed by the International EUROPOP study across ten European countries.[28]

The strength of association increased with decreasing gestational age and was con-

sistent across countries with varying rates of induced abortions. The increased risk

included idiopathic preterm labour, preterm premature rupture of membranes and

antepartum haemorrhage, but not maternal hypertension indicated delivery. In a

high-risk population of American women a previous second trimester delivery or

termination before 20 weeks was associated with pre-viable premature rupture of

membranes or labour (14-25 weeks)[29].” [27, 28, 29 are references #s in Murphy's

article, NOT reference numbers in the Appendix you are reading]


In 2009 two SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS & combined data (i.e. 'meta-analysis')

studies confirmed the APB (Abortion-Preterm-Birth) risk.[8,9]. The October 2009

'Shah' study was published in the prestigious British Journal of Obstetrics &



In the U.S. “suction” abortion is the most frequently performed induced

abortion surgery. Perhaps, “suction” abortions pose no future 'preemie' risk for

Hispanic women. In 1986 UCLA Professor Michael Ross at al. reported on 22

potential 'preemie' risks (e.g.s. cigarette abuse, anemia, prior urinary tract infection).

[Ross, 4] Hispanic women dominated this study, comprising 84% of the subjects

from the Los Angeles, California area. Ross reported that women with prior

induced abortions significantly raised their preterm delivery odds by a relative

31%.[Ross, 4]

In addition to 'MACE' (Mental retardation, Autism, Cerebral palsy, Epilepsy)
risk preterm babies face higher odds of blindness, deafness, respiratory distress,
infections, etc.[Behrman, 5] “In 2005, 23.9% of all U.S. births were Hispanic babies, compared to 15% in 1990.”[Hamilton, 6] Thus, the 'bottom line' is:

Fewer Induced Abortions Means Fewer Damaged HISPANIC Newborns

When the American public wakes up to the ABD (Abortion Brain Damage) risk
in 1-3 years, will a political party that opposed elective abortion benefit or will a
party that defended & publicly financed elective abortions benefit? (I am a medical
researcher with a special focus on premature birth risk factors. The 2003 review study
by Brent Rooney (MSc) & Byron Calhoun (M.D., MBA) led to Texas warning women
about the abortion-preemie risk. Some of the woman warned are Hispanic-American
women in Texas.[7])


1 Himpens E, Van den Broeck C, Oostra A, Calders P, Vanhaesebrouck P. Prevalence,
type, and distribution and severity of cerebral palsy in relation to gestational age:
a meta-analytic review. Developmental Med Child Neurology 2008;50:334-340

2 Rooney B, Calhoun BC, Roche L. Does induced abortion account for racial disparity

in preterm births, and violate the Nuremberg Code? J American Physicians Surgeons

2008;13(4):102-104 [ URL: http://www.jpands.org/vol13no4/rooney.pdf ]

3 Murphy DJ. Epidemiology and environmental factors in preterm labour. Best Practice &

Research Clinical Obstretrics and Gynaecology. 2007;21(5):773-789


4 Ross MG, Hobel CJ, Bragonier JR, Bear MB, Bemis RL. A Simplified Risk-Scoring

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5 Behrman RE, Butler AS, Alexander GR. [Book] Preterm Birth: Causes, Consequences,

and Prevention. National Academies Press 2007

[ URL: http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=11622&page=625 ]


6 Hamilton BE, Minino AM, Martin JA, Kochanek KD, Strobino DM. Annual Summary

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7 Rooney B, Calhoun BC. Induced abortion and risk of later premature births. J Amer

Phys Surg 2003;8(2):46-49 [ URL: http://www.jpands.org/vol8no2/rooney.pdf ]


[The only SYSTEMATIC published reviews of the Abortion-Preterm-Birth

risk of surgical abortion ever published (all between February 2009 and

November 2009), all reporting higher risk premature birth risk for women

with prior induced abortions:]


8 Shah P. et al. Induced termination of pregnancy and low birthweight and

preterm birth: a systematic review and meta-analysis BJOG 2009;116(11):

1425-1442 URL: http://www3.interscience.wiley.com/journal/122591273/abstract


9 Swingle HM, Colaizy TT, Zimmerman MB, et al. Abortion and the Risk of
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obstetric outcome after early pregnancy events and complications: a review.

Human Reproduction Update Advance Access 7 March 2009;1(1):1-13

[ URL: http://humupd.oxfordjournals.org/cgi/content/abstract/15/4/409 ]


[end of Open Letter to Rep. Hon. Henry Waxman (D, California) 
Bonus Chapter 13B: Open Letter to Ann Coulter 
Chapter 13                                        Justice For Kids Now           5 October 2009
-- --                                                                                                                                                                        --
                 Open Letter to Ann Coulter (Human Events)
                            Brent Rooney (MSc, [email protected])
- -                                                                                                                                                                            - -
[Electronic copy of a letter 'snail mailed' to Ann Coulter sent on 5 October 2009]

- -                                                                                                           5 October 2009

Open Letter to Ann Coulter,

Readers of your 30 September 2009 article (“....More Liberal Lies about National
Health Care”) about the high U.S. infant death rate should be much impressed by
your marshaling of important facts such as Black American infants being so very
hard hit. I suggest to you that “No one knows why” Black Americans have such a
high premature birth rate is not true; URL:
http://www.redstatesusa.com/archives/2009/09/a_statistical_r.html .
Eminent scientist Greg Alexander (ScD), representing the prestigious Institute of
Medicine, identified 14 “Immutable Medical Risk Factors Associated with Preterm
Birth”, the third listed risk being:

Prior first trimester induced abortion”
(Source: http://www.nap.edu/openbook.php?record_id=11622&page=625 )

Why does this 'preemie' risk of previous induced abortions maim and kill more
Black American infants ( proportionately ) than Caucasian infants? In the 2008
Rooney/Calhoun/Roche (RCR) study in the Journal of American Physicians and
Surgeons we revealed (using CDC data) that Black American women have 4.3
times the IA (Induced Abortion) rate as Caucasian women. Black American women
have four times the rate of delivering a baby under 28 weeks' gestation. Such new-
born babies have 129 times the Cerebral Palsy risk as full-term newborn according
to a 2008 'study of studies' by Dr. Eveline Himpens; such extremely preterm babies
have a death rate well over 50 times that of full-term newborn. The 2008 RCR
study has never been challenged via a 'letter to the editor' ( [email protected] );
[URL: http://www.jpands.org/vol13no4/rooney.pdf ]

Perhaps Greg Roy Alexander (ScD) was mistaken & the abortion-preemie risk is a
myth. Some myth! In the BJOG (British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynaecology) Oct-
ober 2009 issue is University of Toronto's Dr. Prakesh Shah's 'study of studies' that
used data from 37 prior abortion-preemie studies. Doctor Shah reported that women
with one prior induced abortion raised their relative odds of preterm birth by 36%
but for women with more than one prior IA her relative odds escalated by 93% (i.e.
almost a 'preemie' risk doubling); 'Shah' abstract URL:
http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/bsc/bjo/2009/00000116/00000011/art00002 .

Will the Obama 'Health Deform' bill reduce the high U.S. premature birth rate (12.7%
in 2007) and high U.S. infant mortality rate? Let's go to Atlanta, Georgia & overseas
(Poland) to get the answer. Dr. Sarah Winter and her co-researchers reported in the
prestigious medical journal PEDIATRICS (2002) that Black American newborns in
Atlanta, Georgia have 53% higher relative risk of having the brain injury of Cerebral
Palsy than Caucasian newborns in Atlanta. By paying for virtually all abortions the
B.O. 'Health Deform' law will encourage more Black American women to have 'terminations'; this can only mean more brain damaged Black American babies with
Cerebral Palsy (CP). Now, on to Poland. What would happen to the rate of severe CP
cases, if a nation's IA (Induced Abortion) rate was slashed by over 50%? As a result
of a very strict new law controlling IA access, Poland's IA rate per 1,000 live births
plunged by 98% between 1989 & 1993 according to the UN Demographic Yearbook. Between 1995 & 1997 Poland witnessed something never seen in the U.S. when its extremely preterm birth (under 28 weeks' gestation) rate dived by 21% as reported by
the RCR study (above). As a result of my request, Poland's CSO (Central Statistical
Office), in the person of Deputy Director Witold Woziak, emailed to Brent Rooney
on 12 June 2008 CP death data for Polish children for the years 1985-2006. Between
1989 and 2006 children under age 5 with Cerebral Palsy death rate cratered by 71%.
What does this mean? The more severe the CP case, the higher a young child's death
risk is. Thus, the 71% death rate drop implies an approximate 71% decrease in severe Cerebral Palsy cases in Polish infants. This Polish 'miracle' was gotten via spending
LESS (not more) money on medicine.

President B.O.'s odious 'Health Deform' bill will appeal to those who cherish the 'anti-
miracle' of brain damaging more Black American babies AND spending more money
to batter young brains (Black, Caucasian, Latina, & others). In 1980 the U.S. 'preemie'
rate was 8.9% but that rate has escalated by 43% to 12.7% in 2007. Preterm newborn
babies have higher risk of 'MACE' disorders (Mental retardation, Autism, Cerebral
palsy, Epilepsy) than do full-term newborn; ( also higher risk of blindness, deafness,
respiratory distress, gastrointestinal injury, serious infections, etc.)

The most common IA procedure, “suction” (vacuum aspiration) abortion, in violation
of principle 3 of the 1947 Nuremberg Code, has zero published animals studies to val-
idate its safety; URL: http://www.jpands.org/vol13no4/rooney.pdf

MUCHO GRACIAS for your 30 September 2009 Human Events article revealing the
high infant mortality rate of Black American newborn babies.

Cc: Andrew Schlafly, Charmaine Yoest (Americans United for LIFE)
Rev. Walter B. Hoye II, Pastor Stephen Broden


___________________________ ( Brent Rooney (MSc) )

3456 Dunbar St. (Suite 146)
Research Director, Reduce Preterm Risk Coalition
Vancouver, Canada V6S 2C2
email: [email protected] web: http://www.jpands.org/vol8no2/rooney.pdf